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Google Desktop

Google Desktop5.9.1005.12335

Info when you want it, right on your desktop

This program can no longer be downloaded. Take a look at Copernic Desktop Search instead.The Google Desktop application allows users to search their desktop content quickly and easily. Praised for its ingenuity and criticised for its intrusiveness...
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  • Steve Hoskins

    by Steve Hoskins

    Will not download in English and nowhere to change language.

  • Murty Bvns

    by Murty Bvns

    Actually the downloaded Google Desktop is in Portugese not in English. What to do? There is no option to change the language.

  • by Anonymous

    need dashboaed styled Mac OSx for WinXP, V & &64b. Can this Google daskboard toolbar be styled be be very narrow with minimal text info. etc. that can be docked at top or bottom of desktop; ie, similar to the style of the dashboard toolbar seen in many Apple MAC OSx laptop systems? I need a desktop dashboard toolbar that use only a very minimal of screen space. This Google is nice but as iMore

  • by Anonymous

    Google Desktop. I like Google very much and almost all their applications and resources, like Picasa 2, Gmail and its online search engine, but Google Desktop is not my favorite, because it uses too much resources of the computer and slows it down. Otherwise, Google desktop does something that Windows already does, that is indexing and searching. It think you do not need another application to do More